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WIN fantastic new picture books The Wildest Cowboy and The Detective Dog PLUS a Wild West Costume

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Competition closes 30/08/2018

The Wildest Cowboy

Way out in the West there’s a town they call Fear.
And only the roughest and toughest live here . . .

When cheerful salesman Bingo B. Brown rolls his wagon full of Wild West goodies in to town, he’s met with a stony silence. This is clearly no place for novelty bow ties and elastic lassos. Not even Bingo’s dancing dog can raise a smile! But the people of Fear are not just scary, they’re also scared! Could this be the work of the Wildest Cowboy in the West?

It isn’t long before Bingo and his dog discover why, as they come face to face with the Wildest Cowboy in the West!

Saddle up for a spectacular ride with a wildly talented pairing: film director and author, Garth Jennings and star illustrator, Sara Ogilvie. The Wildest Cowboy is a funny and uplifting adventure story in which fun wins out over fear. Featuring a dramatic train chase, rattlesnake socks and a dancing dog.

The Detective Dog

There once was a dog with a keen sense of smell.
She was known far and wide as Detective Dog Nell.

Nell the Detective Dog is known for her excellent sense of smell. With just a sniff, sniff, sniff! she is on the case solving mysteries. Every Monday she goes to school with Peter and listens to the children read, as well as sniffing the best smell of all — books! So one morning when Peter and Nell arrive at the school to find all the books have disappeared, there’s only one dog for the job . . .

Written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson and stunningly illustrated by the multi-talented illustrator and printmaker Sara Ogilvie, The Detective Dog is a fast-paced celebration of books, reading, libraries, and the relationship between a little boy and his rather special dog.