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It’s a double-trouble alert when an average crime-fighting day in Jump City goes haywire. Robin, Cyborg and the rest of the Teen Titans Go! members are kidnapped and find themselves unwilling combatants in an otherworldly face-off hosted by the maniacal manipulator the Master of Games! The Tournament of Titans pits the members of Teen Titans Go! against none other than their much taller selves, the Teen Titans. With Raven from Teen Titans Go! literally battling her own inner demons, this tournament may need more teamwork than either side is willing to tolerate to save the world… and all other worlds!

Answer the questions below to find out what your superpower would be. Make sure you make a note of which options you chose the most from 1-4 and then ask a grown-up to fill in the form below for you to find out your superpower and for your chance to WIN!

Q1. You’re at a friend’s birthday party. Are you:

1. Showing off your outfit
2. Sat with the people you know
3. Making new friends
4. Dancing to the music

Q5. Which of these would you like to be when you’re older?:

1. An athlete
2. Someone who works in a lab
3. A singer or film star
4. A pilot or astronaut

Q2. What’s your favourite school subject?

1. P.E
2. Science
3. Art
4. Maths

Q4. What’s your favourite hobby?

1. Playing sports
2. Reading
3. Arts and crafts
4. Running around outside

Q3. What would your friends say is your best quality?:

1. I’m very confident
2. I’m very calm
3. I’m great to talk to
4. I have lots of energy

Q6. Where would you like to live when you’re older?

1. A big bustling city
2. A cottage in the woods
3. A mansion by the sea
4. A house in the mountains

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Competition closes 30/12/2019